CSN is a network dedicated to connecting and supporting various STEM champions across the state.

In 2016 the California STEM Learning Network (CSLNet) became The California STEM Network, a project of Children Now. Through advancing public policy and advocacy, communications and outreach, The California STEM Network will bring together leaders and stakeholders from K–12, higher education, business and industry, governmental agencies, science and technology, research, community-based organizations, and the philanthropic community. The California STEM Network will leverage this cross-sector collaboration to foster innovation and help to scale and sustain effective STEM teaching and learning, both in-school and out-of-school for all of California’s students.


Policy & Advocacy

The California STEM Network supports the development and implementation of policies that strengthen STEM education in California.



The California STEM Network produces communications on STEM Network activities and STEM policy news and advocacy opportunities for its members and those interested in becoming STEM champions.


Building and Supporting Champions

The California STEM Network supports the regional STEM hubs on their policy and advocacy goals, and continues to build new champions for STEM learning.


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